Unlock ZTE Online (MTK)

Enter your 15 digit IMEI number

*To know your IMEI number, just type * # 06 # on your mobile. It is also found under the battery or on the purchase of your mobile bill.


If you can't calculate your code online, you can download our software



*WITH a SIM card from another operator, directly enter the 12-digit code NCK when asked for the unlock code.

This page is for models that require an 12-digit unlock code, if you are asked a 8-digit unlock code, try here


SFR 251 Messenger

BeeLine A100

Coral 255

Coral 555

Coral 550

Coral 725

Coral 850

SFR 114

SFR 115

SFR 116

SFR 231

SFR 232

SFR 241

SFR 251

Zte R220

Zte R221

Zte R222

Zte R225

Zte R236

Zte S202

Zte Sage

Zte MD-301

Orange Dallas

Optimus Sydney

Orange Nalongo

Orange Vegas

Orange Rome

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SFR 261

SFR 341

SFR 342

SFR 343

SFR 344

SFR 551

SFR 552

Zte 547

Zte A261

Zte Aeon

Zte Eclipse

Zte Gn281

Zte Gn290

Zte Gr221

Zte Sydney

Zte T202

Zte X632

Zte X670

Zte X672

Zte X761

Zte X760

Zte Light V9

Orange Tara

Optimus Sydney

Orange Indie

Orange Lisboa

Orange Miami

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ZTE Gr230

Zte Gr231

Zte Gr250

Zte Gs203

Zte Gs213

Zte Gx670

Zte Gx671

Zte Gx760

Zte Gx761

Zte Gx930

Zte N285

Zte N290

Zte N295

Zte N261

Zte X930

Zte X960

Zte X990

Zte X991

Zte Z533

Zte Urban

Zte Smile

La Poste Mobile LPM01

Orange Panama

Orange Tactile Musique

Orange Rio

Orange Rio 3g

Orange Esencial

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